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Is your Retail Reaching its Full Potential?
We are a Retail management solution that will transform your business. APPOSH retail POS (Point of Sale) tools assist to manage your multi-outlets, orders, customers, bookings, queues, employee commissions, voucher/coupon printing with QR code, PAYNOW and Cashless mode.

Free 30 days
Market -
your Business
To quick start up your Ecommerce Website (Online store). Showcase your products or services, sell products to anyone, anywhere, online marketplaces, and social media, and in-person with point of sale.

Explore Online Store from $100/mth
Manage -
your Restaurant / Cafe / F&B Stall
. Cashier Point-of-Sale
. Smart Analytics and Reports
. Kitchen Management
. Waiter Serve Queue Realtime
. Table Self-Order Management
. Employee Commission
. Inventory Management

Free 30 days
Summary of POS v1910 Supported Features:
Cash Register
Manage customer Orders and Payments. Dedicate an Order to Facilitator to execute additional actions.
Billing CDS
An intelligent Customer Display Screen that synchronize with Cash Register to show realtime Payment Bill to customer, signing Invoice/PO/DO, invoke Payment QR code.
Queue CDS
Dedicate a Queue-number to customer. Queue-number is displayed and announced from Device (TV, tablet).
Book a time-slot resource such as table, room for customer. Ensure the full potential usage of resources and increase sales.
Reports that visually explain your business progress and projection.
Manage employee, restrict their access to certain confidential data. Compute Commission.


On cloud without location restriction and compatible to all Tablet or Laptop.
Save Cost
Share software development costing with POS consumer, shorten process time will reduce the man-time programming costing
Ready functions to be in-use and customised further. Reduce development time


300% Leads Increase
A Proven Lead Generation System That Works
Strong 1st Impression
Effective Landing Pages that Increase Conversion Rates and Optimise Your Advertising Spending
Data – Driven
Analyse Patterns and Data to Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals
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Adding items to menu through product details and images can be done in seconds with a customizable category and sorting functions.
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Anti-Fingerprint Matte Screen Protector For Apple IPad Pro (9.7 Inch), iPad™ based POS system
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New Retail Point of Sale POS System w/ All Peripherals QuickBooks PC Bundle
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Clover Station POS Bundle
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New Point of Sale All In One System w/ All Peripherals Intuit Processing Bundle
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Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP software is a business management tool to connect and manage small, midsize and enterprise organisations and subsidiaries
Dynamics 365 Business Central
Modular Life of SAP Business One
Integate SAP into Ecommerce
Connect your Business Applications with Power BI
Monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard, create rich interactive reports
Retail POS provides customer engagement capabilities that include store operations, channel management, order management, marketing and care, and business intelligence. The solution also includes back office capabilities, procurement and financials, delivering full visibility across the entire business operation.
Modern Point of Sale, E-Commerce, Omni-Channel, Supply Chain Management, Finance
Retail Solutions, E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation, Wholesale and Enterprise Resource Planning.
Point of Sale, In-store Management, Inventory Management, Staff Management, Product Management, Reporting & Analysis, Mobile & E-commerce
a retail solution that covers their back office needs as well as their store operations, and showed that it offered end-to-end functionality from point of sale to warehouse to general ledger
allowing you to react fast and effectively when circumstances change, minimizing risk and maximizing profits.
Eliminate loss of sales due to stock shortage and incorrect pricing
Eliminate inconsistency that leads unreliable data
all-in-one fully integrated platform, which saves you software costs, administration costs
Optimize your staffing and quality of service
Reduce capital binding in inventory
Reduce loss and fraud
Reduce markdowns
Analyze your vendor performance
Achieve your profit targets
Increase sales opportunities and customer retention
advanced upsell, cross-sell and right-sell functionalities
managing gift cards and physical and electronic coupons
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