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Why choose APPOSH POS system for F&B?

APPOSH online Point of Sale systems (POS) are able to meet the customized needs of F&B requirement. Customization is done by our in-house software developers. With a vast collective in-depth experience offered by the founders of the company, we are able to deliver a series of touch-screen cloud-based POS solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry.

APPOSH innovative applications are designed to improve guest experience, generate additional revenue, reduce dependency on labour, improve productivity and reduce costs for business owners.

Selecting a Point of Sale, Inventory Management POS System should be a simple task but it’s quite often complicated by vendors. At APPOSH we have been working closely with business owners to ensure our system meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality Point of Sale (POS) system and at reasonable price.

Some Important Features of APPOSH F&B POS System:
Customizable E – Menu: Allow quicker order and increases the chances of customers ordering new combination or items.
Mobile ordering: Customer can order from iPad or iPhone which synchronize across all connected iOS devices.
Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction: Help to build and maintain loyalty and satisfaction among your customers by establishing a personal relationship with every individual customer. Add discounts and notes to specific line items or to the entire sale. Notes will appear on your customers’ receipts.
Integrated communication: APPOSH F&B POS link customer, waiter, cashier, kitchen & manager together in real time, onsite & offsite.
Accurate display of the bills: Accurately display the paid bills and unpaid bills instantaneously.
Digital stock keeper: Digital stock keeper allows the stock keeper to view all the raw products, manage and response to waiter systems.
Digital staff coordinator: Digital staff coordinator allows the staff coordinator to plan and monitor staff attendance, staff internal affair & staff welfare.
Dashboard & reports: Manager can rely on dashboard & reports real time data to manage the restaurant.
Daily summary report: Standard Daily summary report provides comprehensive summary of any given time.

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Track inventory and visual alert to remind you to restock or dispose expired
Divert your orders between take away and din-in queue will systematic your operation in a neat order
Graphical Table icon on visual map booking enable your waitress visually know which tables are occupied now and future queue.
Reports that visually explain your business progress and projection to assist you.
Manage employee, compute hours worked and payroll on the same platform
e-Loyalty Programs
Start your restaurant rewards program to build customer loyalty and return visit