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ABOUT APPOSH (Empowering Your Business)

APPOSH founders saw a need to create a creative and technological IT company that specialises in Accounting Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Point – Of – Sales (POS) Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for single and chain store business and making brands phenomenal.

APPOSH was one of the first companies in Singapore to take advantage of emerging technology and use it to help business to boost their success online by:

  • creating powerful and user – friendly cloud based customizable multiple platform Point of Sales (POS) with CDS systems
  • delivering efficient IT solutions and Business Intelligence
  • designing quality websites and ecommerce
  • implementing effective digital marketing strategies

APPOSH was born with the intention of empowering small business owners to embrace the internet simply and with confidence. Clients have been coming to APPOSH for many years for help with cutting – edge technologies to meet their organizational objectives. APPOSH’s consulting practice includes custom software development, Web & Mobile, SharePoint, and Business Intelligence. In addition, APPOSH markets a portfolio of powerful and efficient software solutions.

APPOSH Technology provides seamless integrated end – to – end solutions from back office to retail store. Over the years, we have helped numerous clients from all over the world in streamlining business operations and the continuous success is supported by our beliefs in Product Innovation and in building an eco – system of long term business partners with our customers and suppliers.

In the front – end retail store, we provide customizable Point – Of – Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e – menu, e – Catalogue, Kitchen Display System (KDS), Self – Service Payment Kiosk, Mobile Ordering System and Branding & Marketing Management (BMM).

At the back office, the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) takes care of the sales, purposing, ecommerce, inventory management, production, planning and finance. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) takes care of the logistics flow of incoming and outgoing goods at the warehouse.

The APPOSH System replaces the manual and traditional store card at production house and warehouse environment.

APPOSH Technology offers diverse and specialized solutions that address customers’ needs and requirements, helping our customers to overcome challenges from local competition, globalisation and manpower shortage. Our philosophy is to Empower Your Business.


To create beautiful and great product with fantastic customer support and to put the power of the internet into your hands.

APPOSH implements Business Process Analysis (BPA) with cutting – edge technologies to meet their clients’ organizational objectives. BPA is comprised of well – defined processes that can be managed in several ways to guide user through an application implementation project. BPA provides the necessary steps needed to effectively and efficiently plan, conduct and control project steps to successfully implement new business systems. BPA is very broad in its support of all of the activities within your implementation project.


Stages of Business Process Analysis (BPA):


Stage 1: Business Process Questionnaire (BPQ)
Provides the initial understanding of existing flow and what clients hopes to achieve.

Stage 2: Business Requirements Gathering (BRG)
Process and workflow establishment, data and information gathering, customisation requirements, security profiles, system validation, Go & No – Go Assessment, training requirements and data migration planning and execution.

Stage 3: Business Process Mapping (BPM)
Using swim – lane to map out the business processes, evaluate the feasibility of meeting those objectives under time, resource and budget constraints.

Stage 4: Business Solution Proposition (BSP)
Proposition of integrated solution after – in – depth study of BPQ, BRG and BPM.

Stage 5: Business Process Implementation (BPI)
Timeline managing the respective processes from BPA to System Configuration / Setup to Deployment of hardware to Installation of Software to Training to UAT to System Go – Live.