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Cloud POS Business Management Tools for Retail or Food & Beverages Merchants
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POS v1910 SpecificationsPOS Pricing

Hardware Compatibility
• iPad / Tablet / Touchscreen Terminal / Laptop / Star mPOP
• LAN Printer
• Receipt Printer (Thermal)
• Cash Drawer
• Barcode scanner
Software Compatibility
• Google Chrome Browser / Safari Browser / Kiosk Browser
OS Compatibility
• iOS / Linux / Windows / Android
Business Management Tools
• Secure Login Authenication . Cash Register Control . Billing CDS . Facilitator Control . Queue CDS . Self-Checkout . Appointments-Booking (optional:SMS customer notification) . Customer Management . POS Management . Business Insight . Multiple Outlets Management . Multiple Resources Management . Multiple Employee Management
• Database Maintenance, Support and Software Customisable
Data Residency
• Singapore Data Center
Data Server
• 2X Memory
• 500GB Monthly Data Transfers
• 99.9% Network Uptime
• 99.5% Server Uptime
Payment Gateway
• Payment Gateway Integration
Business Type
• Designed to suit any merchant
APPOSH v1810 POS functions Cashier Station

. Graphical Product menu click to add (no option defined)
. Configure Product menu to have graphic/text choices with add-on/$0/discount pricing
. Barcode or QRcode scan to add
. Tie to a customer
. Tie to a resource (Table No./Room No. etc)
. Auto assign a Queue No
. Order payment and dedicate to Facilitator
. Order Realtime Status

Simple to learn and easy to use for all ages. POS system with speed and flexibility.

APPOSH v1910 POS functionality Design

Summary of POS v1910 Supported Features: (Updated Nov 2019)
Cash Register
Manage customer Orders and Payments. Dedicate an Order to Facilitator to execute additional actions.
Billing CDS
An intelligent Customer Display Screen that synchronize with Cash Register to show realtime Payment Bill to customer, signing Invoice/PO/DO, invoke Payment QR code.
Queue CDS
Dedicate a Queue-number to customer. Queue-number is displayed and announced from Device (TV, tablet).
Book a time-slot resource such as table, room for customer. Ensure the full potential usage of resources and increase sales.
Reports that visually explain your business progress and projection.
Manage employee, restrict their access to certain confidential data. Compute Commission.
Accessibility On cloud without location restriction and compatible to all Tablet or Laptop Save Cost Share software development costing with POS consumer Availability Ready functions to be in-use and customised further. Reduce development time